This Wedding Is Brought To You by Google Docs

The wonderful world of google never ceases to amaze me. But besides its lightning fast search engine, my favorite feature is the Google Doc. Without Google Docs, this wedding would be chaos. It would be a million different Xcel spreadsheets saved in at least 4 places—New York, 2 in Chicago and in one Peoria. And without a doubt, a lot of people would be lost with all that shuffling around. (But what a way to cut the guest list, eh?)

It would also be a lot of random ideas scratched on notebook paper, receipts, napkins, or post it notes. It might be a lot of ripped out photos of magazines. And all these pieces of chaos would waiting to go into a binder. This binder would most definitely be sitting in Kate’s room so I didn’t have to look it. There would probably be file dividers in the same Target bag as the binder. I probably would have opened the package to start organizing—but then I would have panicked. I wouldn’t know what I needed to write on those little tiny tabs. I wouldn’t be ready to commit to the writing in pen, because I wouldn’t know what I needed to commit to. And so, it would all be stuffed back into the bag, and shoved in the corner of Kate’s room… Where I didn’t have to have it stare at me every night before I went to bed.

No. My life is not how it could be and I have Google Docs to thank. Thank you, Google Docs, for the ability to share documents and to make people editors or viewers. Thank you for folders and spreadsheets and that great little button in my email that uploads attachments right to my documents.

Right now I currently have 28 wedding related documents organized in 7 different folders.  It’s my very own online binder.  And the best part, I can change and add folders any time I need to. I don’t have to worry about running out of those little tiny tabs. Every little idea fits somewhere neatly into my Documents. It is the greatest thing.

Thank you, Google. Thank you. You have saved my wedding.



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