Fortune Cookies

I know. I’ve already fallen off of the blog bandwagon. I apologize for the two maybe three people that are reading this. And you guys already know what’s going on. But nonetheless, I apologize for my lack of writing.

The primary reason that I’ve fallen off the wagon, is that I’d have to face the fact -in writing- that we still don’t have a place and date. We have some good ideas and notions about it. But we still don’t feel comfortable in making a decision.

Signing your name to that dotted line means you’re promising to pay a lot of money.

And we don’t have a lot of money.

So, we’re not ready to sign away what little we do have quite yet.

We’re trying to get estimates in all areas of the wedding so we know what our money priorities are…where it’s going, where we’re willing to compromise.

We also are have to keep in mind we’ll be moving Rob here between now and then. We have discovered that’s not exactly cheap. Think the price of a really nice, tropically exotic honeymoon.

Sometimes working through all these things has me a little discouraged.

On the night we got engaged, we went to a little Thai restaurant near my apartment. It was warm in the cafe due to the unseasonably high temps. It was like summer with crunching leaves, a glass of wine, panang curry and a diamond ring. It was splendid. And then, something happened that was so perfectly delightful, it seemed…surreal, but nice.

Our fortune cookies came.

This on is Rob’s:

That’s right. “Keep the promises you make”. Very fitting for the day you ask someone to be your wife, No?

This one was mine…

What a painful reminder…

“Focus on your long term goal.”

Although I think that fortune cookies are a cooky, fun dessert with no deeper meaning, I find myself repeating this fortune over and over. Every time I freak out over the venue, the money, the fact that I can’t find those green shoes…I remind myself to:

Focus on my long term goal.




2 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies

  1. Fortune cookies are cooky … nice. Love it, Kar! It will all work out, I know it! Funny how these little mantras about goals keep popping up and sticking in our brains. Love and miss you!

  2. I’m liking the blog Kar. Good job. Have you been to the site: Once Wed Elegant weddings for Less or something like that? I stumbled on it and thought of you. Try not to stress too much, ask for help and assign tasks to people…even people that are far away… my mom and sister in law picked out the flower girl and ring bearer stuff, my sis in law sewed the little placemats our centerpieces went on, my friend tenille printed up the question cards that were on our reception table and mailed them to us from Australia, monica made the cds for the music that was played at the reception, my friend Karrie made an awesome guest book for people to sign:-) People want to help(free labor) and there are lots of things that can be done from far away.

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