I Love, I Love Loving You…

On average, in 2010, Rob and I have managed to see each other about every three weeks. Sometimes longer (pure torture) and sometimes shorter (sweet relief). Each visit is too sweet and too short. We run around trying to do all the things a no-distance couple does– sometimes in less than 48 hours (not recommended).

There is always some friend one of us still has to meet. Family to spend time with. Friends to dine with.  And somewhere in all those normal things, we just need to spend some time together. Having a conversation not through the beautiful, technology of Skype. But in real time, face to face.

Our last visit was no exception. With the holiday, we had more time together. But this just meant, we had more time to meet more people, do more things and meet more people. Rob was a good sport through it all.

When Rob was spending some quality time in central Illinois over Thanksgiving, we took a few hours in the cold winter temps to take some engagement photos. I am blessed to have a sister with the same photographic eye as me.

This is one of my most favorite series of photos.


2 thoughts on “I Love, I Love Loving You…

  1. Thank you for letting me be one of those who “stole” some of those precious moments. It was great meeting your Rob. I am so happy for you both. Love you!

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