State of Emergency…

I’m not a pansy when it comes to winter weather.  I grew up on Illinois blizzards and I have even spent my fair share of time with snowy Colorado mountain experiences. But I was not prepared for my first Nor’Easter.

I knew snow was coming. But I had no idea. I heard there was talk of 18-20 inches landing in the Northeast. But I didn’t believe it. I should have.

On Sunday, I went to the airport not expecting too much. It was an early morning flight. (And by early I mean it was one of the first flights scheduled on the day after Christmas. I was there before Starbucks was open.) It was snowing in The Chi. But we’re tough and take off in all sorts of weather.

I didn’t even think of the weather on the other side of my journey until I heard a woman behind me say, “The weather on both sides is bad. My 9:00 flight to Newark is already cancelled so I paid $976 to get the last seat on the last flight out of O’Hare”

There are two things crazy with that statement.

1.)    She paid how much to get a seat on my flight? Are you kidding? I don’t care that it’s First Class. That’s just crazy.  It’s almost four roundtrip tickets to Newark. It’s a lot of pairs of shoes! Who is that desperate to get away from their holiday family experience?(I considered asking her to make a donation to the wedding.)


2.)    What? I’m on the last flight out? What is going on? Is it The Day After Tomorrow?

We were slightly delayed due to a tardy flight attendant. I took some Dramamine thinking the flight would be bumpy.  I fell asleep so fast I didn’t even get to see the tardy flight attendant to give her the stink eye.  I slept the whole way. It was marvelous.

It was not snowing when we left the airport. But it had just begun to snow when we arrived home 15 minutes later. We had brunch with some friends of ours in the building. It was a nice, cozy brunch with good food and friend. But while we were there, they got a message on their landline urging residents to stay inside because the weather was terrible. From our seats it looked nice and picturesque. But we have since learned this is one of the worst storms on record (I believe I heard #6).

The snow fell and the wind howled (seriously) all night. And in the morning, it was one big mess. Rob worked from home. We couldn’t even get on the train into the city! I went on a walk in the afternoon. Here is what I saw:

The view from Rob's place. These guys worked on this driveway FOREVER!

This is Kensington Ave. Right there. Where all the snow is.

Too bad I forgot my ruler...I mean measure how deep it was!


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