Happy Shoe Year!

On Tuesday, I trudged home. It was another gloomy, yucky, January day. I had squandered away my time. I was tired. And my to-do list lingered ahead of me. I have those days a lot in January. And Tuesday was a doozey. I climbed up the stairs….weary and heavy laden. And then, there, sitting like Christmas morning on my doorstep were three beautiful Zappos boxes.

One for me. One for Kate. And one for Freed.

I waited impatiently for Kate to come home. I couldn’t have shoe Christmas alone. We ripped into our boxes. And there they were. Beautiful. Colorful. Strong and high. They filled the room with that wonderful new shoe smell.

The next morning. Freed and I had shoe Christmas through the wonder of Skype.

And I am happy.

I might be wearing mine right now.  I absolutely love them. I am wearing them right now.

Sorry. The shoes have a very strict photography contract at this time.


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