Snowtorious B.I.G.

I’m not new to snow. I was born in February during a particularly bad winter in Iowa. My mom tells a story about Doris the Dispatcher. Doris was the dispatcher for the railroad where my dad worked. The railroad ran behind our house. One time when Mom was teaching Doris’ daughter piano lessons, Doris told mom, “If you go into labor, you just call me. I’ll send a train right over to get you.” Conveniently, the train went right past the hospital. Lester, a neighbor farmer, would plow the driveway and walkway. He just knew Mom was going to go into labor during a storm. Luckily, she did not.

Later, we moved to Colorado. There’s a picture in my baby book of a yardstick barely peeking out of the snow. It was the middle of May.

In the 3rd grade I was visiting my dad over winter break. We trekked to the good ol’ Stapleton Airport during a snowstorm and waited and waited and waited…for my flight to be cancelled.  I waited for days to come home.

Back in 1999, it snowed so much that the snow was as high as the back deck. Kate and I bundled up and jumped into the snow off of the top railing.

See…not new to snow.

But this winter, I’ve seen more snow than ever. As you may recall, I made it into New York on December 26, right before their 20+ snowfall. And now, once again, I have landed myself right in the middle of 20+ inches.

Unfortunately, this time I had a car to unearth.

Can you find Clark?

Clark, are you in there?

Here we go!

We work together! We work together! We do it…with cooperation!

Ever wonder what Miss Goebel does on a Snow Day?

DIY wedding decorations!


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