Coincidence or Perfection?

While I was at Trinity, a friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful shopping of downtown Highland Park. It quickly became my favorite place to escape. I could get a cup of coffee, study a little and find a delicious deal at Banana Republic. I’m serious. Really incredible deals. Oh how my heart skips as a think about my beautiful leather jacket and those $10 wool pants. They don’t make sales like that here in the northwest suburbs.

I also discovered a stunning store…Anthropologie. It took all the things I love to find at flea markets and antique stores and shined ‘em up and stuck ‘em with a big price tag. But that did not stop me from going and smelling every candle, flipping through every intriguing book, and inspecting their diy decorations so I could somehow recreate it (You know, in case I ever needed a large paper cup snowfall). And some days, I would score a treasure. Yes, an affordable treasure even for a college student.

Over the years, Anthropologie continued to be the love of my life store (not to be confused with the love of my life. He does not so much love Anthropologie. It’s not really his style.)  It has come to decorate my kitchen and bedroom. And I’m really hoping the tablecloth I’d like for the wedding is on sale the next time I visit (just in time for my birthday coupon!).

But here is the greatest news. They now have a wedding shop. Yes. In the year of my wedding, Anthropologie is launching BHLDN. Is this coincidence? Or perfection.

The news comes from my favorite wedding blog, I read this blog daily. It’s a bit of sweet relief and inspiration for this diy-er.  And today she gave a sneak preview of the online store which launches Monday (yep, that’s Valentine’s Day…awwww!).

And although I have my dresses all set, just take a look at the dresses on the blog and try to deny the perfection. That’s right purple and green! Scroll a little further, and there you have it…a pair of green wedding shoes. Although I wouldn’t call them perfect, they’re slingbacks, which can sometimes be a hassle.


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