30,000 miles

Rob tells a story about a set up his friend tried to put into place a couple months before we met. His friend wanted to introduce him to a girl in Chicago who would soon be moving to Rob’s neck of the woods. And do you know what Rob’s response was?…It’s classic.

“Chicago! What am I going to do with a girl from Chicago?”

Imagine Rob’s quandary when about eight months later, he actually had to call his friend and say, “You’ll never believe what happened…I met a girl. And she lives in Chicago.”

That story continues to bring a smile to my face. This relationship was clearly orchestrated by God, because we would not have chosen this path. The scenario of a long distance relationship was not just too hard…but it was inconceivable.

But here we are. And one day, back in October, my co-worker (and more importantly, friend) Sondra came to my class to teach the third grade teachers about Movie Maker. This was just around the first time I laid eyes on Piney River and was all in a flutter over it. Luckily, Sondra was very patient for I, her student, was far more focused on the mountains than making a movie. However, I did come away learning something about Movie Maker. And when I read about a video Save the Date in Real Simple Weddings…an idea was born.

So this little Save the Date is not what I first had in mind. It’s a lot more schmoopy and a lot less humorous. But as I started this project, it quickly changed from a quirky little movie and became our story. Most of our friends are scattered all over the country and the world. Our updates have merely been through phone calls or Skype, or Facebook pictures. I haven’t met many of Rob’s friends and he has barely met the tip of the iceberg of mine. Many of our friends haven’t been able to watch us fall in love or lay the foundation of our marriage. Making this video was as close as I could bring them to understand what a celebration it would be…when it’s finally July 4th. Oh, Heavenly Day.

**Since we emailed the video out to our guests several months ago, the stats have changed. We have now flown over 30,000 miles that’s over 20 roundtrip flights!**


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