Today the 3-5 teachers in the district spent the day getting our hands dirty with our new writing curriculum. My K-2 friends had given me the lowdown on what to expect. And, as far as in-services go, they had given it pretty good reviews.

But there was one thing they left out…a seating chart.

That’s right.

I walked in with my friend and teammate Amy and that’s when we saw the preassigned seats. We were ripped apart to seats across the room. It was like finding out my BF was in another class.

And do you wanna guess where my seat was?


The front. And not just the front. The corner spot right next to the easel with the large pad of paper. So close, my spot was the place where the presenter often left the projector remote.

Talk about flashbacks to elementary school.

It was just like the first day of school – every year – when I was stuck in the front. Somehow alphabetical order always had me in the front. Although, I secretly believed that my new teacher talked to my  old teacher and said, “Yeah. You should probably put her in the front”.

I was sitting by someone I didn’t know. But we got along smashingly. And when we got the first look of “disapproval”, I sent this to the seating chart maker (and Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction- who has a good sense of humor):

I should have had this as a t-shirt and worn it to every first day of school– of my life.


2 thoughts on “Flashback

    • You bet he did. In World History he had me in the back for two weeks. Then, I got moved. And I was in the front ever since. And I still got in trouble. I think he actually said, “You talk wherever I put you.”

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