Push Aside the Curtains

Looks like my New Year’s resolution is going to be harder to keep than I thought.

Shoot. I’m not off to a good start.


The summer is over in my book, because school has started. I did have a long list of things to do for the summer. But the only one I HAD to accomplish was curtains for the kitchen. And the mission was accomplished the day before I had to return to school.

Ahh, nothing like the last minute.

We moved in a year ago. It came with some “vintage” blue gingham curtains. I did not prefer them. Neither did Rob. He took them down straightaway. And in return put up some leftover curtains from his old place.

Here’s an example:

You will notice the fantastic roller blinds at the top. And also these curtains that he picked up at a KMart in midtown are a little short all the way around.

The kitchen sink was no better.


Yeah. We don’t even have curtains over it. At one point I had some cute dishtowels from Anthropolgie hanging over the rod. But they didn’t really help the situation.

We spent a great deal of time the first several months checking out curtains at every store we walked into. They were too short, too long, too bland, too expensive. Man, this process was not as easy has I had hoped.

I kept thinking to myself, “I could sew something better than this.”

The reality is I couldn’t, I can’t. For several reasons. I don’t know how to sew. And I don’t have a working sewing machine.

But my dear friend, Kim, offered to help me. And I finally took her up on it. Her kids started school a week earlier than me. This worked out well for us. She sent them off to school and then scooted on over to my house.

I picked up the material the night before from Ikea (and maybe shared a cinnamon roll with Kate). It looked like this:

And on Tuesday morning, Kim brought her nice sewing machine and set up shop.


We had our work cut out for us. Two school days to get these two windows done. I just wanted simple rod pocket cafe curtains, so we didn’t use a pattern. But Kim took off and started to work – measuring, adding, cutting. She talked through it so I could catch on with what she was doing.

Then, she started to sew. I watched her do the first couple. Then, she let me try my hand. My straight lines were, ummm…okay. However, they weren’t okay enough that I felt comfortable letting them become my curtains. And so, I became Kim’s “special helper”. Although the curtains are not a true representation of my own handiwork, I’m okay with that. The tag team approach allowed us to work faster. I could iron while she worked on sewing.

Here’s how the end of Tuesday looked:

A whirlwind in the living room – the ironing board was set up behind the couch.

But we had one set done and the rest were close:


I did cut out the ties by myself 🙂

Kim came over on Wednesday morning to finish up. She was rushing to get them done in the morning, because I had to leave to pick up mom from the airport around 11:30. It felt like that moment on HGTV when everything is almost done but not quite and they shoe the homeowners out of the house. It felt like a big reveal when I got back with mom.

And I LOVE them. They are absolutely perfect. They give privacy and light. The best of both worlds.

Here’s the big reveal…









* Please disregard the dishes drying in the drainer and the lighting. Also, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day please appreciate the free press. Geranium scent is the best, please sell it at Target.

And here’s one last pic I took while I was cooking later that day. I could resist…the light, the tomatoes the curtains. Ah, I felt so content.

Life is good when you can push away the curtains (not snap the blinds) and let the sunshine   pour in!




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