Bikes and Hammocks

One of my favorite things this summer has been bike riding.

For Christmas, Rob broke the price cap rule and surprised me with a bike. He snuck it into the house while I was resting from surgery. We had claimed hiding spots with a pledge not to peak. I wasn’t allowed in the closet under the stairs. It’s filled with moving boxes, suitcases, picnic supplies and a box of handbags. So, I didn’t think there was THAT much room in there. But what a surprise when he gave me this!

Check out that wrapping job:













So this summer I’ve been enjoying my sweet ride. Rob also picked up some new wheels on Craig’s List. Now, he doesn’t have to ride his folding commuter bike when we go riding 🙂

In March, we picked up some hammocks at a cool little outdoor store in Asheville. We got two, instead of the one that was made for two people. That was Rob’s idea because, “What if Kate wants to hammock and I want to hammock. If we have two, then we can both have a hammock without it being awkward. And if you and I want to hammock, we can just put them together and it will feel like we’re in the same one.”

How his brain works astounds me.

We’ve brought these hammocks many places, but very rarely found a good place to hammock. Or we forgot about them. And don’t get me started when we actually brought them to Colorado, but forgot to bring them camping.

But finally, on Labor Day, we had the perfect moment.

We threw the bikes on the back of the car and went over to Harms Forest Preserve. There’s a great bike trail that runs near 94. Sometimes it’s very obvious we’re still in the suburbs. But some parts were absolutely lovely. Quiet. Serene. Perfect.

We stopped off at Skokie Lagoons – which I didn’t even know existed- and found the perfect spot. Yep! Two trees close enough together to string up the hammocks. Victory.

Rob’s long arms come in handy getting the hammock straps around the trees.





I am completely in love with my purple bike and pink helmet. All that’s missing is a bell.





Love these kind of days!


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