This is me.

I’m really just a small town girl. I grew up in Washington, IL. A place where you can run barefoot through the soft, green grass and ride your bikes uptown to the square to buy penny candy. Then, you can ride on over to the pool with your friends.  I had a loving, unconventional family. I lived with my maternal grandparents, my mom and my sister Katie (who at age 13, I decided the name “Kate” fit her better.) Despite an intense beginning, my childhood was happy. I never doubted I was loved.

I spent my summers in Colorado. I didn’t really like leaving my family, my friends, my toys to go out there. But I did love the mountains. They were peaceful and calming during those tumultuous summers. I loved to go fishing…to hike in the mountains, smell the pine in the air, hear the rushing water and catch dinner. These summers instilled in me a love of the great outdoors and a love for God. Each summer He gave me His mountains to see Him and His protection as I came safely home to Illinois.

And now, I’m an adult. A quirky combination of my childhood. I love the calm, simple, stillness of my mom’s house. I love the buzz and excitement of exploring cities on my own. I want to live somewhere I can hike. In fact, I know I will never be satisfied this side of Paradise.

This is my journey…as a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a friend, an explorer and now as a wife.

I love to write. I hate to edit. Please don’t judge me.


One thought on “This is me.

  1. I love to read your writing and rarely notice the needed edits. And you know how I am! I just enjoy reading what you write.

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